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We make it a priority to ensure all our patients have a wonderful experience at the office of Dr. David Hohuan. If you are happy with your treatment, or even Dr. Hohuan or a member of our staff, please consider leaving us an online review.

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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Hohuan is amazing and so is his staff. He reconstructed the tip of my nose after a Mohr’s procedure. I was very nervous about the final look and conveyed this to him at my consult. He was confident that it would be perfect. Within a few weeks, it was only obvious to my immediate family. Less than 3 months, side of my nose. Afraid Dr. Hohuan wasn’t going to have much to work with after my first surgical repair, he told me he could reconstruct my entire nose if needed. He does amazing work. Only 6 weeks since the last procedure and no one can tell. I would recommend Dr. Hohuan and his staff without hesitation. He is professional, listens to your questions and cares about you and the finished look. His nurse and staff are just as professional and kind. I am a very satisfied patient who will not hesitate to return to have any procedurecompleted by Dr. Hohuan". DB

"I had MOH's procedure to remove Basial Cell Carcinoma April 6, I had no idea I would be leaving the dermatologist office missing a quarter size amount of skin from my forehead. I was reassured the doctor would be able to make my forehead look like I had never had skin cancer. He scheduled my surgery within a few days, 2 hours later my forehead was closed, my first tattoo, looks like a lightening bolt. I did not experience any infections, severe pain, and minimal swelling. The doc and his team are caring individuals who reassured me over and over again I would not have a noticeable scar. If I have skin cancer removal again on my face I would go back and see him again. He also took care of my Dad a few weeks later with excellent results as well". AR /April 2018

"In early May 2018, a dermatologist let me know that a spot on my forehead needed to removed because of a concern for pre-cancer. She referred me to Dr. Hohuan because she said he would be able to remove it and make it look nice. The first thing that impressed me when I went to his office to make a consultation appointment was the wonderful lady who greeted me and helped me make an appointment. I had my consultation at the end of May. The receptionist was just as lovely as before. Dr. Hohuan was incredibly friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He recommended we go ahead and proceed with the removal. Before I had the procedure, I was in contact with another member of his staff who worked with me regarding insurance and making an appointment. She was helpful, patient, and returned my calls in a reasonable amount of time. I had the procedure about a month after my initial appointment. I started getting a little apprehensive in the room before the procedure, but his wonderful nurse showed a genuine care in making sure I was feeling comfortable. Dr. Hohuan, also, made sure I was at ease. During the procedure, I did not feel any discomfort. They were focused on doing their best work while, at the same time, talking to me to make sure I was doing well. That visit was my favorite visit to a doctor's office ever. The doctor and his staff made me feel like they had known me for years and treated me like more than just a patient. The area on my forehead where Dr. Hohuan performed the procedure is healing and looking great. They all provide excellent care." RY

"In May 2017I came to Dr. Hohuan with quite a hole in my nose from removal of a basil cell procedure. What started out as a small procedure got big kinda fast. I was referred to Dr. Hohuan to close the place on my nose and restore it back to normal! He gave me 3 different options on how best to proceed. We both agreed on the process and he was simply amazing. It's kinda scary having your nose laid open. I am so happy with the process and the outcome of closing my nose back up. He communicated with me each step of the way to let me know what was happening. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Dr. Hohuan also has such a great staff. So professional."

"Went to see Dr. Hohuan due to a botch filler injection by a local spa. I found Dr. Hohuan to be very friendly and felt like he took the time to listen to my concerns. He explained how and when he would be able to fix my filler issue. Highly recommend and will be utilizing his services in the future" .J.F.

"I had sinus surgery 25 yrs ago, a horrible experience that left me with a crooked nose. For 3 yrs I've need surgery again. Tired of suffering, I made an appt & met Dr. Hohuan. While having a conversation and expressing my fears, Dr. Hohuan's care and concern for my condition was apparent and he really listened to my fears which immediately put me at ease. I promptly scheduled surgery for 11/9/16. Surgery day I wasn't nervous at all. My husband met Dr. Hohuan that morning. Before they wheeled me away, my husband says to me, I see why you like this Doctor so much, he really is a nice guy, you're in good hands. Compared to my first time, this recovery was easy. Having splints instead of packing made the difference for me. Dr. Hohuan was so gentle while taking out stitches always asking if I was okay or not. He truly cares about his patients well being and pain level. Comparing my before and after photos, Dr. Hohuan showed me the little extras he does for an aging face, (I'm over 50) and wow, my profile is spectacular, no more crooked nose and I can BREATHE! I highly recommend Dr. Hohuan. He is extremely talented but most important he has a passion and love of his craft which translates into compassionate, gentle care for his patients. I will be forever grateful that Dr. Hohuan was my surgeon that day, I can breathe and live life again plus I will look good living it with my beautiful new nose. Thank you again, Doc."

"11/18/16 I saw Dr. Hohuan for Botox and fillers. It was my first time getting injections from an M.D. Who has spent years studying the aging process. He explained he wouldn't be targeting the usual spots I get done at the salon because although those areas do produce a more youthful look, that youthful look does not translate well on an aged face (I'm over 50) something will always appear off about the face. Dr. Hohuan is very caring and concerned about pain levels. He even created his own formula for numbing cream for lip injections. I didn't need a mirror to know I had great results, I knew from Dr. Hohuan's growing enthusiasm with each needle prick and genuine smile when procedure completed. When I did look in the mirror, I saw me, the me from 25 years ago. I always looked nice after having Botox but I never looked like me. Dr. Hohuan is highly skilled and very talented and I will only have Botox and fillers done by him from now on. When my husband of 25 years saw me, the look in his eyes and the smile he gave was just another benefit of having the right person give injections. I waited over a month to submit this to report how I look and I still look amazing." I'm a fan, Dr. Hohuan!

ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon Yuma Arizona
ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon Yuma Arizona
ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon Yuma Arizona
ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon Yuma Arizona
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